A Typical Day

Let’s Go!

Wake up and get ready

Counselors help everyone rise and shine for the day! Campers wash, get dressed and prepare to leave the cabin.


The whole camp eats in the dining hall. Cabin groups sit together and fuel up for the day ahead.

Cabin Clean Up

Everyone in the cabin helps tidy up the cabin and gets ready for the first daily activity to begin.

Cabin Activity

Each cabin group takes part in an activity to kick off the morning. This time is powerful bonding time for campers and a lot of fun too!

Camper Choice

Campers individually select an activity to try. The options change each day so it’s a great time to try something new or return to an old favorite and hone a skill.


Cabin groups reunite for a meal and to recharge ready for the afternoon.


Campers head back to their cabin for a rest. They might take a nap, read or play a quiet game with their cabin mates.

Village Time

Each village (a group or 6/7 cabins) will either head to the pool for open swim or take part in a creative game.

Activity Periods

Campers sign up for two daily activity periods for each week. They are an opportunity to learn and improve upon a skill over the course of five days.

Free Time

Campers have a block of free time to visit the Camp Store, play on the courts, take a swim, craft or simply relax with their friends. This time is carefully supervised to give campers a sense of freedom, while also staying safe and supported.


Cabin groups come back together once more for dinner and to reflect upon the events of the day.

Evening Activity

Each day after dinner, campers take part in fun and exciting activities. This could be a campfire complete with songs and skits, talent show, pool party, campout or capture the flag game among many others.

Reflection and Lights Out

We wrap up the day with an end of day reflection by cabin, bedtime and then it’s time for lights out.

The schedule changes a little for our special weekend events, but the basics remain the same each day. It’s an action packed and fun filled day with lots of opportunities to enjoy all that camp has to offer!

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