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The important stuff

Let’s answer some of the questions that we are often asked by parents as they register for Overnight Camp at Camp Mason.

Why Camp Mason?

Camp Mason gives kids room and time to play, learn and grow surrounded by nature and good company. There is no shortage of different summer opportunities for kids, but there are very few where kids gain confidence, make lifelong memories and have so much fun all in one place. This is what makes Camp Mason stand out. The community spirit and range of activities at camp help kids feel accepted and challenged all summer long!  And don’t just take our word for it!  Watch the video below and see what our campers and their families have to say.  Learn what makes us stand out and find out why they come back year after year.

How many Sessions of Overnight Camp do most kids do?

It varies from kid to kid and family to family. Some kids join for a one-week session and others are with us all summer. A two-week session is the most popular option. Whichever you choose, we start each session with get-to-know-you games and spend time becoming familiar with each camper, and their individual needs.

What do you do when it rains?

We prefer the term “liquid sunshine”! We love nothing better than a spot of puddle jumping and singing in the rain! That being said, when we encounter long rainy spells or a heavy storm we head indoors to continue with a range of activities under cover. The staff are prepared for rainy days, heatwaves and whatever else comes their way.

My kid has never been away from home before, how do you help kids adjust to camp?

Every summer a third of our campers are new to Camp Mason and returners have still had a whole year away, so we go back to the basics on every opening day. Each camper goes on a camp tour, plays ice breaker games and spends time with their cabin counselor. We give a dining hall orientation and slowly introduce camp traditions and routines throughout each week. In addition, staff take the time to get to know their campers and take good care of them throughout their stay. We give all new camp families a call or send you an email with an update on how they are doing after their first 2-4 days at camp.

Which activities will my camper do at Overnight Camp?

We make each session’s schedule week by week and listen to the requests of campers and staff. It’s impossible to share exactly what they will get up to right now, however we can promise plenty of pool time and lots of other fun and games!

I’ve signed my kids up for 4 weeks, can they stay in between sessions or should I collect them?

We offer stayover weekends between Sessions 1 & 2, 2 & 3 and 3 & 4. You are welcome to add that option onto your registration. We take kids on an offsite trip on Saturday and relax with some camp activities on Sunday ahead of the new session. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect and return your kids to camp for the start of their next session.

Get ready for camp

Read the Parent Handbook HERE to find answers to the most common questions families ask as they prepare for the summer.

If you can’t find the answer on this page or would like to chat with one of the team, get in touch and we can help.


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