Lodging and Meals



All of our simple but modern cabins house 8-10 campers and 2 counselors in bunk beds, and are equipped with electricity and bathroom facilities. Campers are placed in cabin groups based on their age, needs and requests.

Village Life

Each village unit is typically made up of six or seven cabins that live and play together throughout the camp experience. The camp is divided into village units grouped by age and gender/chosen gender. Junior boys and girls have finished grades 2 – 6. Senior boys and girls have finished grades 7 – 9. Each village has its own village leader who manages the counselors and ensures the quality of every camper’s experience.

Meals at Camp

All of our meals are freshly prepared for campers and staff. Everyone eats together by cabin group  in the dining hall, unless it’s a special occasion like a cookout or overnight campout! The menu is planned carefully to provide balanced and varied meals each day. In addition to the main option at breakfast there is always fruit, yogurt and cereal available. At lunch and dinner there is a fully stocked salad and sandwich bar on offer to complement the menu.

We work hard to cater to many dietary requirements and preferences, get in touch with us HERE directly to discuss your child’s needs.

YMCA Camp Ralph S. Mason
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