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Outdoor, Phone-Free Fun

The Nature Effect

Summer Camp at Camp Mason gives kids extended time in a natural environment. We know this is a good thing for children’s physical and mental wellbeing, not only does the extensive research tell us so, but we also see the positive impacts that nature has on children each and every day at camp. Nature is healing and awe inspiring, and we have lots of it at camp for your camper/s to explore, enjoy and experience!

Time to Play

Camp is a place where kids can be kids! Their main responsibilities once they arrive are to play and have fun, while respecting the values of our welcoming community. Kids break from their regular routines and commitments to play games, try exciting activities and to laugh with others. We know that when children play outside in a safe and inclusive environment, incredible things happen. They build confidence, feel good about themselves, try new things and make friends.

Switch Off

Kids come to camp without their cell phones and other technology to connect with others in person. Campers tell us how much they enjoy the step away from the tech in their lives and appreciate the value of in-person, real life interactions with others. It’s important for us all to disconnect from time to time, slow down and be present with others – camp gives campers a supportive environment to do just that.

It can be strange at first not to have direct and immediate contact with your kids at camp. Our leadership team gives new camp families an update on how their camper/s are doing by phone or email after two-four days. Campers  can also receive mail and emails at camp from their friends and family at home during their stay.

The Health Lodge

Our health lodge is staffed by professional medical personnel, prepared to handle the wellness needs of our campers 24 hours a day.

Our Staff

Our staff members are rigorously screened, well-trained, and passionate about being positive role models for young people. We plan well and work hard to ensure a successful summer for every camper. Our leadership team is thoughtful, aware, and prepared. Our staff come from all over the world and the US, and they bring with them strong skills sets, diversity and experiences that ensure we run an exciting and safe program for our campers.


Scholarship Fund

Looking for help with paying for camp? Please click HERE to go for information about our Scholarship Fund. If you have any questions, please call our office at 908-362-8217.



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