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The Day Camp CIT Program is a 4-week experience for campers completing the 9th grade. It provides leadership opportunities that prepare teens to become staff members and leaders at camp or elsewhere. The CIT program includes: internship in all aspects of a counselor’s job at camp, participation in service projects, training sessions on topics such as basic child development and behavior management, counseling techniques and best practices, communication and leadership, environmental stewardship, and community service.

Camp Mason’s CIT programs are designed to enhance interpersonal and communication skills while fostering independence and self-awareness. Service is also an important part of the CIT program; we believe that service to others, whether individually or in a community, is an essential character value at camp and at home. Successful participants will come away from this program with valuable leadership skills that will serve them well at home, in school, and in their own community. CIT’s are campers while preparing for their future potential opportunities as camp counselors.

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