Outdoor Fun with Friends

In addition to the staples on the schedule, we add new and different activities each week for campers. Kids love to try new things and get stuck into their favorites each summer. There really is something for everyone at Camp Mason!

Classic Camp Activities

Some activities that campers may try at day camp are boating and canoeing, rock climbing, archery, nature hikes, crafts, swimming, court/field sports, and farm and garden visits. Groups burn off energy playing games like Capture the Flag, take adventures around camp on Scavenger Hunts and so much more!

Many of the activities are adjusted for different age groups and skill sets. Some of our camp activities may not be suitable for our youngest campers for safety reasons. Not to worry though, since we prepare lots of special games and activities for those younger campers to enjoy too!

Creative Activities

There are some things at camp that you just have to experience! Each summer we play and take part in creative activities and games together. Sometimes they become our new day camp classics and other times they are unique to a special event or theme. Picture slip and slides, mural painting, quidditch or even a zombie invasion! Campers love to try out new activities and even share their own ideas for everyone to try.

Theme Days

Each week Day Camp celebrates Friday with a special theme. Themes vary from Fourth of July celebrations to an Olympic event to a Carnival and beyond. Each summer, staff come up with fresh, exciting ideas for theme days for campers to take part in!

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