Staff Spotlight: Bobby Berdon

Bobby has been a part of the Camp Mason community for a long time and often speaks of his love of camp. He generously agreed to be interviewed by Program Director, Anna Bilton about his time at camp. Talking with Bobby was a pleasure since talking about camp seemed to come naturally to him and his love for Mason was so very apparent.

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Giving Tuesday


On December 2 YMCA Camp Mason will once again be participating in Giving Tuesday. Created in response to the massive consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday offers people an opportunity to give back. Thousands of organizations and individuals have joined the cause to volunteer in their communities, spread awareness about a cause, or give to their favorite charity.


When YMCA Camp Mason joined Giving Tuesday last year we weren’t sure what to expect. Through the caring and compassion of our community members and their loved ones we raised over $8,000 in a single day. As a non-profit, Camp Mason does everything we can to provide enriching experiences for all of our visitors throughout the year. We care about the development of the students that visit our Outdoor Center. We view our time with our summer campers as being a partnership in their learning and growth. At camp children explore and inquire, they step outside their comfort zones, they challenge each other and themselves to be the best they can be. Our campers and students find it within themselves to do things they didn’t know they were capable of. We don’t make them braver or more independent. We don’t make them into anything they aren’t already. Camp provides an opportunity for children to discover and be who they are. That’s what we do. It’s a simple concept with profound impact but we can’t do it alone.


Please join our community of passionate donors on December 2. Make a gift, share a message, volunteer in your community. Give back. Together we can provide those opportunities to see what each and every one of us is made of. We hope to see you on Giving Tuesday.


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