Meet Jess, Our Summer Camp Activities Director

Hi friends!


My name is Jess DeQuattro and I am a long time Camp Mason camper/staff member. Camp Mason has been a part of my family for many years. My siblings were all campers and I continued to come back to camp as a staff member. I started off as a Day Camp Counselor/helped with overnight camp. Then returned as a Hilltop Counselor for 4 years and in 2017 I was the Hilltop Village Leader.


After camp, I had the amazing opportunity to work at Disney World in Entertainment. After doing that for a couple years I felt like I was being called back home and found myself applying to return to Camp Mason. In the spring of 2023, I was hired as a Senior Outdoor Education Instructor for the Mason Outdoor Center. In the summer I was the Assistant Activities Director for Summer Camp, recently promoted to the Activities Director.


Camp Mason is so important to me because it’s where I have done a lot of growing up. Camp is where I’ve made friendships that have lasted for many years. I’ve experienced diversity, inclusion, gained skills such as time management and leadership, as well as confidence. It was my first job, the first time I’ve ever received a pay check and had the first sense of independence and responsibility. I believe that camp is so important to other kids because it’s where they feel like they can be their best selves and have that sense of belonging, independence and gain confidence. Camp is where the impossible becomes possible!


Moving forward, I am excited to bring an activities team that is cohesive and provides fun, skill gaining and creative activities.


The Summer Camp Activities Director works closely with the Summer Camp Director to prepare for and run summer camp. We are busy putting together a stellar team and making plans to make this summer a ton of fun!


Contact me here with ideas for summer camp activities, events and anything else!