Meet Jack, the Summer Camp Program Director

Hello Everyone!


My name is Jack LaGoy, and I have started as the Summer Camp Program Director this January. I am coming from being Assistant Summer Camp Director at a YMCA camp in Michigan where I was also a camper for five years. This spring, I graduated from University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) majoring in Pure Mathematics. Despite the difference in temperature between South Florida and New Jersey, I am loving it here already and cannot wait for the summer to start.


Camp has such an incredible impact on campers. It’s hard to believe that 14 years ago, I started my camp journey as a camper, quiet and scared to be myself until my counselor helped me feel at home and comfortable voicing my opinion. At camp, this is a common story, ask a staff member who their favorite counselor was when they were a camper, and I am sure you will get an immediate response along with a story of them being encouraged and growing from it.


Camp Mason is still new to me, but what has struck me immediately is the passion its staff members, campers, and alumni have for it, so as we get closer to summer, I am super excited to get to know you all and be a part of this energetic and passionate group of people.


The Summer Camp Program Director works closely with the Summer Camp Director to prepare for and run summer camp. We are busy putting together a stellar team and making plans to make this summer a ton of fun!

Contact me here with ideas for summer camp activities, events and anything else!