THIS Summer!

By Anna Bilton, Senior Camp Director

Last week I was speaking to one of our Summer Camp families and I realized I was saying “this summer this…” and, “this summer that…” and the once far-away notion of ‘next summer’ was no more! Camp is happening this year and it is only 4 months away! As a Camp Director I am often asked what I do after the summer and the honest answer is that I start getting ready for next year. Now that it is officially ‘this summer’ I am officially allowed to talk camp 24/7 (without driving my family mad)! Here are the 5 things I am most excited about doing at Summer Camp 2017.

1. Putting on my favorite tie dye shirt 

Yes I know I could wear it any other time of year but it just doesn’t feel the same as when I put it on during Summer Camp. That old, ratty tie dye shirt I made my first year as a camp counselor says “summer” to me!


2. Doing the very first hand stomp of each session in the Dining Hall

I love the excitement that each new session brings and the very first hand stomp after dinner we all do together is just like crossing the start line to me. It is an amazing feeling to see and hear the whole camp together on Opening Day!

3. Meeting new international staff and campers from all over the world

Camp Mason will welcome staff and campers from the UK, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Belarus, Spain, Australia, Colombia, Ghana and Mexico this year. It’s always a blast to get to know new people and learn about their cultures and experiences. I can’t stop wondering about who might win the Mason Olympics this year!

4. Watching Color Guard at the flagpole

Camp Mason’s Ranch program has a neckerchief program where campers learn about horses and work to improve their riding. Every two weeks we celebrate their efforts in front of the whole camp. It’s incredible to see our campers receive their awards after all that hard work and of course, having horses in the middle of camp for everyone to see is something special too!

5. Roasting my first marshmallow of the season

Fun fact, I am a huge marshmallow fan! I could eat marshmallows for days and days on end! A s’more now and then is nice but I could happily skip the chocolate and the crackers and still enjoy my favorite campfire treat. Taking a bite of my first gooey, golden sugary delight of the summer is a taste I look forward to each year.

There are so many great things about summer at Camp Mason – my list could go on and on! What are you most looking forward to?

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