From the Feathered Flock

1By the Feathered Flock.

Translated by Kelli Varon, Outdoor Center Program Director.

Life for us feathered flock is EGGcellent here at Camp Mason!

We started our journey here late last summer, and were welcomed into the warm, caring hands of hundreds of human friends during Summer Camp. We explored the nature center during that time, learning about the constellations, the rock cycle, and meeting some fellow cuddly summer camp critters.IMG_9562

As the long summer days faded away, so did our fluffy, yellow appearance. When a few of our true feathers started to show, my sisters and I were ready to expand our territory and see the “magic” of camp we heard so much about. Soon we moved to a new house, a cozy enclosure that the hardworking CITs built for us. We were thankful to be able to munch on some fresh greens, scratch at the dirt, and started to really see what our wings were made for. When the nights became chilly we moved into our present winter home, the small barn, full of fluffy pine shavings to keep us warm at night.

Once all our feathers were in, we were given free range to roam Camp during the daylight- and boy have we been busy since!

2We helped the Outdoor Center staff prepare the Garden for winter by mixing up the soil and removing bugs, never understanding why the humans didn’t want such a tasty treat! We’ve support the winter visitors at the climbing wall, and have even tried to assist them from below; though we have been told that unless you have on proper equipment, you must stay out of the “mulched area”! We’ve checked on the status of the cob pizza oven project, climbing in to rid the area of bugs. Yet our most favorite achievement has been helping visitors to have first time experiences- such as when they interact with us, and of course feed us a few treats.

There have also been a share of challenges while out and about exploring. Such as 3when we decided to sunbathe by the pool and couldn’t find our way out, and had to be carried home. Or when the cold white stuff from the sky fell to the ground in heaps and we huddled together over the compost where the decomposition keeps it warm. But at the end of the day, we’re camp chickens, and we know camp is all about growing and learning from an experience!

No matter what time of year, or what the weather is like, each day is an opportunity for an adventure at camp. We’re proud to call Camp Mason home, and can’t wait to learn more about the magic at Mason and meet all the friends that come by to say hello.

P.S. Remember to ask a staff member if you can share a treat with us (sunflowers seeds are our favorite)!