Ride On!

shani_kBy Shani Kately, Camp Registrar

Our Ranch Program at Camp Mason will give your child the feeling of having their own horse. Whether you are an experienced rider or not, our Ranch Director fits each camper to a horse that makes for the best experience. In two weeks your camper will build a relationship with this magnificent animal, learning to groom, feed and tack their horse each time they ride. How do I know all of this? Because my campers have told me!

On the very last day of camp the Ranch staff host a rodeo for parents to see their campers on horseback. It’s amazing how working with a large creature builds so much confidence in children and adults alike. One of the reasons I love the Ranch Program is because of where it is located; up on a mountain with views of open fields and the beautiful ridgeline. For those campers who desire to own their own horse and for those parents who can’t put a horse in their back yard, let us give your child the wonderful and rewarding experience of horse ownership.

To find out more about the Ranch Program click here: https://campmason.org/camps/ranch-camp/