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What’s Happening in This Picture?

The photos below show a number of iconic images of camp – kids having fun, making friends, busy with activities.  They represent what most of us think of when someone says “summer camp.”

But there’s more.

Those of us involved in camp – and many more who have had a camp experience themselves – can see what else is happening in these photos.

For example, in the photo of the campers feeding our goats, I see the following:

  • kids are learning responsibility in caring for another living creature
  • campers are learning about sustainability and New Jersey’s heritage as the Garden State

The picture of girls playing cards in their cabin tells these stories:

  • campers are interacting with each other and building stronger relationships
  • the kids are learning about the give-and-take that comes from sharing a camp cabin with nine other people
  • they’re “unplugged” and away from computers, television and video games – creating their own fun

And finally, the photo of  two boys scaling our climbing wall says this:

  • we’re building self-confidence by trying new things
  • we’re trusting others – the belayers – to keep us safe
  • we’re being active and improving our physical fitness

Now, you try it!  Take a look at these remaining two photos and tell me what you see. Feel free to email me your thoughts: dave@campmason.org

We will use this exercise with our seasonal staff this year to reinforce the importance of their work and the impact that a positive camp experience can have on a child.

As the American Camp Association tagline says, “Camp give kids a world of good.”  We sometimes need to stop and remember just how important a camp experience can be!

Dave DeLuca
Chief Executive Officer

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