Meet the Team: Mike

By Mike Taylor, Summer Camp Program Director

Hello, everyone! I’m Mike, your new Summer Camp Program Director here at Camp Mason.

My YMCA summer camp career began in 2006 as a cabin counselor which, after my first summer, I realized it was no ordinary summer job, but an experience and environment I wanted to be continuously surrounded in. The values, the energy, the fresh air and the diversity of people kept me coming back to camp for the following ten seasons.

This is the start of my third season at Camp Mason and I am very excited to step into this new role as the program director. I hope to bring new ideas and activities to camp while maintaining our traditions and culture. Currently our theme days are starting to be planned out so get ready for an exciting and magical summer! If you pack your smile, open heart and imagination you’ll have a fantastic time at Camp Mason this summer.

You can reach Mike at if you have any questions about the activities and programs this summer!